LESS IS MORE - necklace  #1

LESS IS MORE - necklace #1

This is a necklace you can wear on your chest or on your back. 
It's easy to wear, because of the chain that is sliding through the ring.
Have a look at all the photos to get the idea. 

Chain: Surgical stainless steel
Fastenings: Silver, surgical steel
Pendant: Lustre plated chandelier crystals, grinding by hand

Surgical stainless steel is very strong, long lasting and easy to take care of. It won't give you any allergic reactions or change color.
Every once in awhile it's good to polish the crystal and the silver fastenings.

Illustration: Haley Lykantropia

Hand made in Finland - Sweden.

Packed in an eco friendly black box with a silver colored logo.
Made in Denmark.
49 EUR